Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What we like to call a SSSHHHHEDule.

I've played 36 holes of golf in the past 4 days. And it feels pretty good. Hopefully 1L won't kill me and I'll make it out for at least 1 round every weekend with my parents. (Anyone else in the area up to play with me?)

I know I've promised posts, and I'll be more regular when school starts and I need to procrastinate my life again, I'm sure.

In the meantime:

7/30 Bank. Costco run. Pack.
7/31 Lunch with ladies. Pack.
8/1 Sign rent papers. Move. Put together furniture with strong handsome men and Ashley.
8/2-3 Figure out my life in NY. Buy groceries.
8/4 18 holes.
8/5-6 Beach house.
8/7 Back to NYC. UN tour and happy hour with CLS folk.
8/8-9 Freak out about not being ready for 1L.
8/9 Sister comes home!!!
8/10 Yankees game, Staten Island. Courtesy of CLS.
8/11-12 Orientation.
8/13 Beginning of Legal Methods and "Camp Law School."

It's been a crazy 4 weeks.

It's all so close.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another list.

so this isn't new content per se.

but i was going through my xanga, and it's actually been quite enlightening to read through my past and see what/how i was feeling in college (haven't gotten to high school entries yet...). there were a good deal of photo entries and funny/ridiculous/weirdo/random public entries, and also the private entries made me think twice, too.

anyway, here's a list i found that i had written:

10 things i ABSOLUTELY love doing:
1. buying stuff - not jus clothes, but like ANYTHING (ask jiyun about the pink "foot"notes)
2. eating/baking/cooking from scratch, i like going grocery shopping and stuff
3. being petted, having my hair touched
4. crossing off stuff on my "to-do" lists
5. smiling and laughing
6. winning at life
7. yoga/skiing/wrestling/racing!!!
8. lying out in the sun (like a cat! or a gecko! or a turtle!)
9. being taller/thinner than random ppl on the street
10. being the golden child

it's a pretty good list in my opinion (in the sense that i really nailed 10 of my favorite things to do) considering it was written almost 3 years ago and i would say that it's pretty much unchanged. i would add SWIMMING to #7 and replace "racing" with "running". but all in all that's it.

i always think it's good to reflect on your past/life and sometimes an old journal/blog is the right way to do it. i'm always surprised at both how repetitive my thoughts are and the new insights i gained and then lost. there are also a few themes that show up over and over again. and other little surprises that i didn't remember until reading my own words jogged my memory. and there's always that elusive "you" that i address some of my entries to. sometimes i remember exactly who "you" was supposed to be and i smile, or laugh, or cringe, or feel embarrassed. haha.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Accomplished, Week 1:

Or, Things I've done so far:
Drank skim milk every morning!
Eaten superfresh and superfab sushi.
Gone to the mall (2x!).
Gone to Whole Foods.
Gone grocery shopping.
Pumped gas.
Gone on a road trip (Niagara Falls!).
Gotten a new cell phone and number.
Called all my favorites for phone chats.
Eaten a turkey burger (yum!).
Eaten ravioli.
Been surrounded by guidos.
Eaten lunch in Bryant Park, NY (home of Fashion Week).
Opened new checking AND savings accounts.
Opened a new credit card.
Unpacked and put away all my Korea stuff.
Fallen asleep watching Food Network.
Worn my new suit.
Worn short shorts!
Flirted shamelessly.
Ogled and been ogled.
Showered with a curtain/door (no water on the floor!).
Been tempted to buy a million flavors of jelly (because I can!) but settled on my favorite strawberry.
Drank Mango Madness, Pomegranate Lemonade, Vitamin Water, and DASANI.
Been drinking my 8+ glasses of water a day!

Things yet to be done:
Get my haircut/permed.
See my sister/Visit Boston.
Go to DC/see my college friends.
Clean out my closet.
Pack for CLS.
Change my move-in date.
Go to my doctor/dermatologist.
Look at/buy furniture for my new apartment.
Go to Target.
Cook a meal.
Find my diamond necklace from graduation that I hid a little TOO well in a REALLY REALLY safe place before going to Korea...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


For the lack of updates.

Been crazy busy. And happy.

My condolences to those of you still in the motherland.

Will be in DC for a week starting Friday.

Will try to post/schedule some entries before I leave.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The end.

I really felt it. For the first time since I've already known it in my head, I really felt that I'm leaving.

After closing one bank account, and sitting at the next, as the woman across the counter from me was stamping her forms and giving me papers to sign, and I realized I had muchos DOLLARS and no WON anymore, I finally felt that I was going home, going to leave Korea, and going to America.

Isn't that crazy? After all my countdowns and packing and saying goodbye, all it took was some money, and I really felt like I was finally leaving.

On another note, was American money always this LONG? It seems fake to me...