Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stare decisis

So tomorrow is already the third and last day of "law school" for me this week.

So far, I kindof really like it. Possibly even LOVE it. I want to answer questions in class but am still a bit too nervous to go ahead and raise my hand. Nonetheless, I'm definitely keeping track of my right answers and whether I know it better than the student who DOES get cold called on.

This cold call thing isn't so bad really. My Legal Methods prof is super nice and tries to guide people who don't know until they stumble upon the right answer.

Last night I got bored of studying and took a break by looking up "kitchen table chairs" less than $70 in New York City on craigslist.

So today we have a new kitchen set!!! I feel like a grown up!!! Our apartment is slowly coming together (I got a longer shower curtain, more kitchen accessories, including a dish drying rack thing, etc.).

Anyway, I was hilighting cases (part of my hw) today when I realized that I actually am starting to "GET" what these cases are about!!! YAYY!!!!

Then, here comes the nerdy part, I feel nerdily smart when I take notes like "saying facts are diff. so NO stare decisis" in the margin. HAHAHAHA.

I can tell, I'm going to like briefing cases and outlining. This is the kindof thing I would do for fun on weekendnights at Duke. Just kidding. Okay, well, I'm not REALLY kidding. Maybe. Sometimes.

School is awesome. I'm so excited.

And yes, they've broken me. Already. I haven't carried a backpack to class since 1998. At least. I was TOO COOL for backpacks. I went from messenger bags (9th to 11th grade) and then to my Longchamp (12th grade) and have never gone back. Until today. Wow, these casebooks are HEAVY. So, yea I brought my NorthFace to class today. For tomorrow though, I've packed up my handy dandy brand new "COLUMBIA LAW SChOOL" backpack courtesy of CLS. W00T!!! (just upped my nerd factor with that!)

Leaving the city tomorrow right after class for a doctor's appointment in Piscataway, NJ. Then golf Saturday afternoon with the family (haha, seeeeeeester). May or may not come back Saturday night. We'll see. =)

I love being so close to home. My throat started hurting yesterday so I took some Nyquil and went to bed. It's still not better today so I called my mom and bought some Airborne. My parents and sister were eating dinner in PalPark so they offered to buy some 죽 (porridge) and bring it to me. AND THEY DID. And they brought lemons for some lemon tea and my dad brought a bag of tools, in case I needed anything to be fixed or whatnot. Yayy!!! Then they took my laundry home with them.

I love being 30 minutes away from home. xD

Yayy for law school and YAYY for being close to home!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



okay, maybe no one else is as excited as i am!!! But i LOOOOOVE

and i LOOOOOVE organizing my receipts!!!

I've been collecting my receipts in (surprise surprise) a SHOEBOX since 7th grade (1997) i think.

I dunno why. okay, actually, my original reason for hoarding receipts was JUST in case i was the suspect in some crime, i could provide a SOLID alibi with the date/time on the receipt. CLEARLY if i was busy shopping, i couldn't have committed a crime, right?

I was big on nancy drew and ghostwriter and stuff. i can admit it. i wanted to BE PREPARED.

but since then, it's just become more of an obsessive habit. ykno, so i could always ... i dunno, reflect on my spending and evaluate my life? and then in college after going negative in the bank account numbers within the first few months, my mom told me to keep track of ALL my spending and record it every month. so in order to do that, i had to hang on to my receipts. so all in all, i just have a million receipts, and once in a while go through and record, tally, and organize ALL of them.

anyway, a few years ago, a friend of mine from college, Taylor, started this online receipt organization thing.
(please check out THIS WEBSITE for press and THIS ONE for more info).

i didn't get it at first, and then i realized he was doing one of my FAVORITE things but on the INTERNET and neater and it was AWESOME. TRUST me when i first opened my SHOEBOXED account, this was ALL i did all day. it's actually almost as bad as facebook, (for me at least!).

so i've had these BOXES of receipts in my closet for YEARS right? one for 1997 to 2004. another for EUROPE. another for COLLEGE. and a new one for KOREA.

at first, it was only ONLINE receipts. but gradually they brought in PAPER receipts. ACTUAL paper receipts. they were scanned and the info put online so i could SEE all my spending summarized for me on the screen. UNFORTUNATELY at the beginning of their beta testing for that service i was in KOREA and couldn't participate. DARN KOREA!!!!

but NOWWW that i'm back in the states, i've been dying to jump on this boat and sign up for mail-in receipts. and i JUST did. and omg i'm SOOOO psyched you have no idea. i LOVE seeing all my spending broken down. YIPPEEEE!!!!

can't wait to start mailing in receipts. and don't worry. i'll def have to call about what to do with my 10+ year backlog of shoeboxed receipts. =)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today was the first day of orientation. We got our class schedules. I have my schedule for August's Legal Methods and Legal Practice Workshop classes until 8/29.

ANNNND check out my schedule for the fall semester. NO FRIDAY CLASSES!!! YAYYY!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

shot down.

Apparently, 'round these parts: BOYFRIEND = RESPECT.

At least in my house. Which was never the case before. At least not that I ever noticed.

But please, 2 recent convos from my home:

(pick up lil sister - first time i'm seeing her since february)
lilsis: HI UNNI!!!!
me: HI!!!!
lilsis: so, do you have a boyfriend YET???
me: .... WHAT DO YOU MEAN YET!??!?!

complaining about my sister's stench:
me: yo, mommy. doesn't jiyun always smell like drool and sweat?
mommy: yea, well at least she still has a boyfriend
me: ... (SHOT DOWN) ...

Friday, August 8, 2008

new goal in life.

eat one of these:

it's called a MAID RITE and apparently it consists of....

iowan: maid rite is a bun with loose ground beef on it
iowan: no sauce i think
iowan: maybe pickles?
iowan: i've never had it
me: blech
iowan: bucolic popularity though
iowan: tenderloin is big too
me: ic
iowan: i think it's like a pounded deep fried piece of pork like a foot across on a bun 5 inches across
me: omg gross
iowan: i don't think the mustard or onions are traditional

in other news, i had a dream last night that included barack obama, raybaik, and costco. also my coteachers in korea.

so i was in costco buying groceries and i see barack obama in one of the aisles and i'm like OMG SENATOR OBAMA!!! and we like shake hands and chitchat and somehow it turns into i'm sitting in on one of his interviews and at the end i ask if we can take a picture together and raybaik appears out of nowhere to lend obama a better tie, and ray ties the tie for him, and then takes our picture!!! and when i exit the costco it appears that i was buying gifts to take home to america (go figure...) and i had to say goodbye to all my coteachers and principal and everyone AGAIN. ANNNND they were all madly bitter that i was returning to america!!!

anyway, i'm not MUCH of a barack fan. altho i guess i'm a bigger fan of him than i am of mccain based solely on looks. but mccain's ketchup wife is the hottest of them all. anyways, i made myself dinner tonight, yayy!!!

going home to play golf tomorrow and staying overnight to play with the baby seeeeester. back to nyc on sunday and OFFICIAL orientation starts monday. class starts wednesday. then one week until one of my favoritest college friends visits!!! YAYY!!!!!