Tuesday, August 12, 2008



okay, maybe no one else is as excited as i am!!! But i LOOOOOVE shoeboxed.com.

and i LOOOOOVE organizing my receipts!!!

I've been collecting my receipts in (surprise surprise) a SHOEBOX since 7th grade (1997) i think.

I dunno why. okay, actually, my original reason for hoarding receipts was JUST in case i was the suspect in some crime, i could provide a SOLID alibi with the date/time on the receipt. CLEARLY if i was busy shopping, i couldn't have committed a crime, right?

I was big on nancy drew and ghostwriter and stuff. i can admit it. i wanted to BE PREPARED.

but since then, it's just become more of an obsessive habit. ykno, so i could always ... i dunno, reflect on my spending and evaluate my life? and then in college after going negative in the bank account numbers within the first few months, my mom told me to keep track of ALL my spending and record it every month. so in order to do that, i had to hang on to my receipts. so all in all, i just have a million receipts, and once in a while go through and record, tally, and organize ALL of them.

anyway, a few years ago, a friend of mine from college, Taylor, started this online receipt organization thing.
(please check out THIS WEBSITE for press and THIS ONE for more info).

i didn't get it at first, and then i realized he was doing one of my FAVORITE things but on the INTERNET and neater and it was AWESOME. TRUST me when i first opened my SHOEBOXED account, this was ALL i did all day. it's actually almost as bad as facebook, (for me at least!).

so i've had these BOXES of receipts in my closet for YEARS right? one for 1997 to 2004. another for EUROPE. another for COLLEGE. and a new one for KOREA.

at first, it was only ONLINE receipts. but gradually they brought in PAPER receipts. ACTUAL paper receipts. they were scanned and the info put online so i could SEE all my spending summarized for me on the screen. UNFORTUNATELY at the beginning of their beta testing for that service i was in KOREA and couldn't participate. DARN KOREA!!!!

but NOWWW that i'm back in the states, i've been dying to jump on this boat and sign up for mail-in receipts. and i JUST did. and omg i'm SOOOO psyched you have no idea. i LOVE seeing all my spending broken down. YIPPEEEE!!!!

can't wait to start mailing in receipts. and don't worry. i'll def have to call about what to do with my 10+ year backlog of shoeboxed receipts. =)

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