Friday, August 8, 2008

new goal in life.

eat one of these:

it's called a MAID RITE and apparently it consists of....

iowan: maid rite is a bun with loose ground beef on it
iowan: no sauce i think
iowan: maybe pickles?
iowan: i've never had it
me: blech
iowan: bucolic popularity though
iowan: tenderloin is big too
me: ic
iowan: i think it's like a pounded deep fried piece of pork like a foot across on a bun 5 inches across
me: omg gross
iowan: i don't think the mustard or onions are traditional

in other news, i had a dream last night that included barack obama, raybaik, and costco. also my coteachers in korea.

so i was in costco buying groceries and i see barack obama in one of the aisles and i'm like OMG SENATOR OBAMA!!! and we like shake hands and chitchat and somehow it turns into i'm sitting in on one of his interviews and at the end i ask if we can take a picture together and raybaik appears out of nowhere to lend obama a better tie, and ray ties the tie for him, and then takes our picture!!! and when i exit the costco it appears that i was buying gifts to take home to america (go figure...) and i had to say goodbye to all my coteachers and principal and everyone AGAIN. ANNNND they were all madly bitter that i was returning to america!!!

anyway, i'm not MUCH of a barack fan. altho i guess i'm a bigger fan of him than i am of mccain based solely on looks. but mccain's ketchup wife is the hottest of them all. anyways, i made myself dinner tonight, yayy!!!

going home to play golf tomorrow and staying overnight to play with the baby seeeeester. back to nyc on sunday and OFFICIAL orientation starts monday. class starts wednesday. then one week until one of my favoritest college friends visits!!! YAYY!!!!!

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LilKrnQT1004xo said...

Looks like a McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich on steroids.

Here's the ground beef Maid Rite sandwich: