Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Daylight Savings Time makes me feel.

I have a folder on my computer desktop titled "Pictures to Organize" and I just drag and drop (I have a MacBook Pro) pictures I come across on the internet that I find funny or interesting or think I'd like to share with a friend, etc.  I was going through it and found this:

This combines two things I super-like: truth about how I feel and Hyberbole and a Half's "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS" (now) meme.  Changing the clocks (either forward or backward by an hour) makes me feel all magicky and awesome.  In an "I CHANGED TIME!!!  I MADE (OR GOT RID OF) AN HOUR!!!  I SPED FORWARD!!!/I MOVED BACK IN TIME!!!  TIME TRAVEL!!! 

To clarify, I get this feeling whenever I travel between different time zones as well.  For example, whenever flying between Korea and the NY, either skipping a whole day or taking off and then landing earlier on the SAME day FIGURATIVELY blows my mind.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Women on the up and up.

Read this short article about the best-paying jobs for women in 2011 a few weeks ago (accompanied by this cute list/slideshow).

Lawyers made #4 on the list:
Median weekly earnings: $1,461
Approximate median yearly earnings: $76,000
Women as percentage of the profession: 35%
Earnings as percentage of men's earnings: 77%
Last year's position: No. 3
I was actually a bit surprised at the  approximate median yearly earnings (only a meager $76,000???) and the earnings as percentage of men's earnings...  But I've heard enough anecdotes about the woman lawyer in a couple taking a more "low-key" position than the man lawyer/banker/etc. once kids enter the picture.  For example, one of my supervisors at an in-house position had made her transition when she found out she was pregnant and her husband was still working in BigLaw.  This is just one example of many that I've heard where the woman chooses(?) to go the in-house/public-interest route (which basically usually means less demanding hours but also less pay) once the couple moves from coupledom into familydom.

Compare that info with that of #2 on the list, pharmacists.
Median weekly earnings: $1,605
Approximate median yearly earnings: $83,500
Women as percentage of the profession: 48%
Earnings as percentage of men's earnings: 83%
Last year's position: No. 2 
 So, apparently the more well-represented women are IN a given field, the less the wage disparity between men and women.  From these two examples (though a small sample), you can see a bit of that trend.

Saw this interesting little infographic today via Forbes Woman and that reminded me of putting up some of this related info together.
Equality in Leadership
Infographic created by: Educational Leadership (who wanted me to remove the link because: "The reason I am contacting you today is to ask that you remove all links from christineispink.blogspot.com that lead to EducationalLeadership.com. I don't know which pages will remain after the overhaul, and I don't want you left with a dead link on your pages.")