Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Daylight Savings Time makes me feel.

I have a folder on my computer desktop titled "Pictures to Organize" and I just drag and drop (I have a MacBook Pro) pictures I come across on the internet that I find funny or interesting or think I'd like to share with a friend, etc.  I was going through it and found this:

This combines two things I super-like: truth about how I feel and Hyberbole and a Half's "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS" (now) meme.  Changing the clocks (either forward or backward by an hour) makes me feel all magicky and awesome.  In an "I CHANGED TIME!!!  I MADE (OR GOT RID OF) AN HOUR!!!  I SPED FORWARD!!!/I MOVED BACK IN TIME!!!  TIME TRAVEL!!! 

To clarify, I get this feeling whenever I travel between different time zones as well.  For example, whenever flying between Korea and the NY, either skipping a whole day or taking off and then landing earlier on the SAME day FIGURATIVELY blows my mind.

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