Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another list.

so this isn't new content per se.

but i was going through my xanga, and it's actually been quite enlightening to read through my past and see what/how i was feeling in college (haven't gotten to high school entries yet...). there were a good deal of photo entries and funny/ridiculous/weirdo/random public entries, and also the private entries made me think twice, too.

anyway, here's a list i found that i had written:

10 things i ABSOLUTELY love doing:
1. buying stuff - not jus clothes, but like ANYTHING (ask jiyun about the pink "foot"notes)
2. eating/baking/cooking from scratch, i like going grocery shopping and stuff
3. being petted, having my hair touched
4. crossing off stuff on my "to-do" lists
5. smiling and laughing
6. winning at life
7. yoga/skiing/wrestling/racing!!!
8. lying out in the sun (like a cat! or a gecko! or a turtle!)
9. being taller/thinner than random ppl on the street
10. being the golden child

it's a pretty good list in my opinion (in the sense that i really nailed 10 of my favorite things to do) considering it was written almost 3 years ago and i would say that it's pretty much unchanged. i would add SWIMMING to #7 and replace "racing" with "running". but all in all that's it.

i always think it's good to reflect on your past/life and sometimes an old journal/blog is the right way to do it. i'm always surprised at both how repetitive my thoughts are and the new insights i gained and then lost. there are also a few themes that show up over and over again. and other little surprises that i didn't remember until reading my own words jogged my memory. and there's always that elusive "you" that i address some of my entries to. sometimes i remember exactly who "you" was supposed to be and i smile, or laugh, or cringe, or feel embarrassed. haha.

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