Wednesday, September 3, 2008


so it has been brought to my attention that i have neglected my blog of late. (KIMMY)

well, if you look at my past entries, you'll see that i've used this as a forum to complain and rant as much as anything else.

and it IS the happy status of my life that i currently have MANY less things to complain about.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE school!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! omgomgomgomg i LOOOOOVE law school!!!

ok. don't tell anyone, bc clearly that is WAYYYYYYY too nerdy to even be real.

but, since i have to get back to my reading, i'll leave you with a bunch of pictures of HOW MUCH i love law school =)

my note-taking method. this was for Legal Methods - now over =(

what a newb. compare it with the note below ...

clearly my style has matured in those 12 days.
procedural history of ONE case. pretty complicated. what can i say?

an example of how beautiful rainbow hiliting can be

another one of the more procedurally complicated cases (and this is just the background info - not the "meat" of the case!)

isn't it beautiful???

btw. did i mention my professor was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's daughter? AND she had a cocktail party for us on the last day of class at her BALLER apt? With little waiter-y people and catered food and an open bar and everything? AND a coat check? AND here's the best part -- SO MANY OLD LEATHER BOUND BOOKS!!!

next up: foods i've made myself =)


Ashley said...

omg christine you are such a HUGE law school NERDDDDDD

haha...but i have to admit your notes are very pretty!

J.Lim said...

looks like i have to step up my highlighting game...

grayshifter said...

Nice! Pretty colors for the win! AND LEATHER BOOKS! Lucky you!

lydia said...

haha, you crazy nerd~

I miss you and i will call you as soon as i take the lsats~ hopefully, you won't be too busy to meet me then. =P

also, i have a really random question that just popped up in my mind while i was driving and thinking of something i lost recently... did you ever find the pearls you hid so well you couldn't find them? haha