Thursday, January 22, 2009


normally, i'm pretty apolitical - if i don't know a lot about something, i generally don't like to have an open opinion or discuss it b/c that seems kindof stupid. so unless i've read or researched a lot about a specific topic, i try not to verbalize a preference (or i try to stick in a disclaimer). many people pick sides based on limited knowledge and i'm not a fan of getting all passionate or heated over something i don't really know much about.

nonetheless, i heart this poster/image from this site. i THINK it means community organizer, but i just HEART HEART HEART ORGANIZING!!!! (remember, OCD anal). so yea, this one makes me smile.

in other news, my conlaw prof was saying the faculty took bets whilst watching the inauguration on how long before someone brought suit claiming that obama wasn't really the president yet since the oath was messed up. (dunno if she was joking). but apparently it's a good thing obama was a law prof and stuffed his OLC with other legal elite b/c apparently he was thinking the same thing and got the oath done good and right on the second go-round.

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