Saturday, February 13, 2010


Should I start blogging again?

I think I lost my voice last year.

While I originally started this blog when I was in Korea to keep my stateside family and friends updated, it quickly became my little ranting space. And I've waxed poetic about various reasons I stopped blogging (or at least publicly posting) when I started law school.

Unless I find a new point of view that I don't mind sharing, I'm not sure what I should do. I don't know that I'm comfortable keeping a general, "Here are my feelings and rants and random thoughts," blog anymore. Therefore, I feel that if I pick up blogging again I should have a clear perspective and slant. For example, my thoughts on being a law student. Or my makeshift approach to cooking for one. Or my take on the various articles and blogs I read.

In any case, I need to find a voice. It's been a couple years since I've wanted to write about my "boy" stories but don't want to be a SATC (Sex and the City) parody/wannabe. And mostly I've always wanted to write about them because they are so ridiculous or silly that I feel obligated to share them. Sometimes I think these INSANE things happen to me JUST SO I can share them with my friends ... there can be no other explanation for the parade of crazy in my life except to serve as fodder for others' amusement and entertainment. But so far I haven't shared those stories because I don't think my escapades would remain anonymous and I'm not ready for that (yet?).

So until I figure this out, this is just another teaser. =)


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what happened to blogging again? i'm waiting with bated breath. =)