Thursday, December 19, 2013

i bought my first e-reader!

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite!

Wifi only, with ads. For $119 (no special pricing).

BUT I’M SO EXCITED!!! I’ve started referring to it as my new best friend. As in, “I can’t wait for my new best friend to get here.” I got free 2-day shipping (my sister is a student!) but they take 2 days longer to actually ship … so I have to wait for Christmas Eve. But maybe, just maybe it'll get here sooner. I've always been a big reader and I've actually been asked by EVERYONE why I don't own an e-reader already. I'm actually not one of those early adopter people (camping out for the 1st iPhone or whatnot). I like to wait and see if something will stick around, wait for the necessary upgrades and kinks to be worked out. And THEN, after reading copious amounts of reviews and other people's real life testimonials, I'll look into getting THE COOL NEW THING.

I've been considering the Kindle for almost a month now. I realized my work/commute bag was too heavy as is and that's what was keeping me from lugging around my commute-reading. So I re-started reading ebooks from the NYPL on my iPhone. But the glare was tiring out my eyes and making them noticeably drier (I wear contact lenses). So, I bit the bullet. YAYYY FOR MY NEW E-READER!!!

Big research going on now: Do I need a cover? And if so, what kind/which? 

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Lydia said...

So how's the kindle working out? I got one two years ago, but I could never get into it. I like the physicality of a book, and I feel like knowing where I am in a book gives me a sense of motion and direction...