Thursday, February 5, 2009


i keep meaning to update, and keep jotting down notes and then saving the posts as drafts.

but i haven't been able to get back around to actually fleshing out full posts.

and this time i was NOT lazy, school has been crazy busy and i've been super-exhausted but creepily uberproductive. and so i'm not gonna let the productive streak go to waste, right? so let's just say i've been riding the wave of productivity.

within this productivity, i forget how or where i came upon this article but it got me started on taking some control of my financial future. it has some simple no-brainers (plan ahead, have a marketable skill) but also told me i should get a roth ira.

SOOOOOOOO i started doing that research and after being intimidated into inaction, talked to a friend tonight w/considerably more money-savvy than me (considerably more savvy in the how to use it to make more of it - i'm clearly more savvy at how to use it to get rid of it) I JUST OPENED A TRADE-Y account (all the websites are like, etrade, scottrade, ameritrade, tradeking...) and i THINK i get to buy/start/put/open/begin/deposit a Roth IRA tomorrow when my deposit goes through!!!

Step 1 to retiring as a millionaire ACCOMPLISHED!!!

(haha, yes i am aware that I am in a very chipper mood about the market despite what AC360 tells me - and AC360 is the TROOF)

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