Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i know it was a bad day when ...

remember this?

i stand on the corner of your block, staring at the grocery store on the next block and deliberate for at least 2 minutes:

"do i want to be thin or do i want to eat cookies?"

then proceed to said grocery store, and purchase the following:

3 boxes of cookies (chocolate chip, english toffee crunch, swedish mint chocolate thins)
(because the look on the old lady's judgmental/disgusted face made me put the 4th box of cranberry walnut cookies back)
1 box of crackers (because my friend made me dip and you can't have dip w/o crackers)
3 snickers bars
2 kitkats
1 qt of milk

and the only reason i didn't buy m&ms was b/c there wasn't a dark chocolate peanut bag (in the BIG bag size)

ME, right now






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