Thursday, April 2, 2009

For my birthday

Things I want/need:

pretty manila folders

more file folders
a thing to hold all my file folders
some more file folder ideas 1 2

now, you may be asking, why this obsession with file folders?
and i would answer, oh, you mean in addition to how i love to organize everything i can into file folders already? it's because i want to start a GTD tickler file system!!!
then you say: GTD TICKLER FILE SYSTEM??? why you're spouting more nonsense than usual!
and i say, check DIS out!

my amazon book list

another bookstand

The Office
30 Rock
Arrested Development Season 3
Gossip Girl
Desperate Housewives

the other thing i really needed was a headband holder. i made my sister buy me this: PRETTY HOLDER

mostly, i love things that organize other things. A LOT.

i already got these orange flower shoes for easter which was probably the only thing i saw this season that i REALLY REALLY had to have.

this was the FIRST year that i didn't mention my birthday until less than a week away. normally my countdown starts like 2 months in advance. maybe i am growing up. or maybe law school is that miserable and time-consuming. all in all, this is probably my most MODEST bday wishlist ever.

43 file folders and a holder so i can start my tickler file system, please. =)

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Jonathan said...

you might like How I Met Your Mother, or Pushing Dasies...