Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poster shopping

So I currently have ONE poster in my room. I bought it earlier this year when I came across the idea of a New Year's "theme."

The poster in my bedroom is this one:

Anyway, while renovating our house, reassigning and redecorating my bedroom at home, my parents and I decided to get rid of the two framed posters I had received as a much younger girl (one movie poster from Disney's Beauty and the Beast and one American Girl poster of Molly reading). They were going to throw them out with our spring cleaning and I told her to save the frames since I had been looking for a frame online for the poster I have right now.

So now I have to find a poster for the 2nd frame. Ideally it would also go in my apartment room next to my New Year's theme poster.

My whole room has a pastel pink and green theme. I have tulip art squares above my headboard. So I went to and the first thing on the homepage that matched my color scheme was this:

But I don't want a teenybopper girl on my wall. My friends give me a hard time as it is because I'm so into early childhood education. I can't help it that I'm on the same intellectual level as those 5-year-olds and we are BFF!!!

Anyway, so I continued searching on

These are my criteria:
1. Pink should be the color that ties it together
2. Fit the color scheme
3. Don't be too cliche (image, logo, overall tone)
4. Should brighten my day/make me smile
5. Should be something clever and out of the ordinary

Didn't think it would be too difficult...

Here are some pretty flower posters from the website, and while they pretty much fit all the criteria, they're all missing #5. These flowers are pretty but boring.

Flower 1

Flower 2

Flower 3

Flower 4

Then I found some alcohol posters I liked. But this also seems a bit cliche, not clever, and just too young for my room.
Sauvignon Blanc: a few too many colors and just doesn't go with the "flow" of my room

Cosmopolitan: I don't actually like or drink these

Absinthe: Feels like I'm trying too hard to be cool...

They just don't feel "me" enough. Here are a few others that are NICE but not quite "right."
Too monochrome

I don't like cats

Too bright/harsh

Here are my two favorites so far, although they aren't quite big enough to put in a frame by their lonesomes and I haven't yet contacted the creator ( to ask if they do bigger prints, I was thinking I could put both of them in one frame with a dried flower, a bit of lace or beading, and some other small pretty things to do a collage framed work.

NYC poster


Let me know if you have any suggestions or have come across something you think I might like. Remember to keep my criteria in mind!

(Aren't you so glad I'm back? If only temporarily.) This is a preview of all the fun you/I/we'll have on my blog this summer =)

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Maia said...

Audrey Hepburn one is my fav, actually. They are all pretty but some of the flower ones are a little old-fashioned and as much as I love the "Take me shopping" one, it's really similar to the first poster. I dunno. Just my two cents. Bet it'll look great!