Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 quick things.

I dunno. I just wasn't in the mood to Twitter/Tweet.

1.  I am excited for my sister to come home from college so I can steal her clothes.

2.  I miss my seeeeester so so so soooooooo much!!!!

this was brought on by a quick facebook stalking of my sister teehee. so i had her change my password so that during finals i couldn't sign onto my own account. but then i made her tell me HER password so i could randomly check things through her account. so i decided to look at ALL her tagged photos (i previously couldn't see the ones of her posted by her friends with uber-privacy controls).

and i can't believe how much she's grown up.  i really missed out on her college years. i mean, we only overlapped for one year. and then i was in korea and then i was in law school.  i missed out on her high school years too because IIIII was in college 500 miles away.  the last time i really lived with her day in and day out was in 2003.  seven years ago.  she's grown up so much since then. i'll have to post some pics of my high school graduation to show you what a baby she was when i left.

she's like an actual adult now. with a life that is barely intertwined with my own. and i can't just boss her around and make her be my slave anymore. i think i forget that. and that's the reason we sometimes get into huge fights during the holidays when we're both home.  i still treat her like she's my kid sister who doesn't know anything. ha. she's my mentor now. seriously. she's so responsible and so wisdomous and makes my life make sense to me. =)

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