Saturday, June 5, 2010

To do.

Things I need to STOP doing:
1.  Lying to myself
2.  Being "too honest" with everyone else
3.  Criticizing/judging
4.  Ignoring problems/duties
5.  Watching full TV series (i.e. watching all 5 seasons of HIMYM in 2 weeks)
6.  Buying books I don't have time to read (or space to store)
7.  Overcommitting myself/trying to "do it all"
8.  Falling asleep for two hours five minutes after I "wake up"
9.  Using the word "hate" as a verb (as in "I hate slow walkers")

Things I need to do:
1.  Stretch after my runs
2.  Go back to portioning my meals
3.  Wear sunscreen more often
4.  Focus on what needs to get done
5.  Read the books I buy
6.  Physically get out of bed the first time I "wake up"

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