Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I somewhat unexpectedly fell in love a few weeks ago.

While at my internship in Brooklyn, I developed a healthy craving for a DELICIOUS sandwich.  Seriously, not just any sandwich, but a REALLY, REALLY delicious sandwich.

So I googled "sandwiches brooklyn heights yelp."  That's how I discovered Lassen & Hennigs.  I am, no joke, quite literally, in love with the sandwiches here.  And everything the place offers in general.  Like, teenager-obsessed-can't-stop-thinking-about-it in love.

Every week, I count down to Wednesday and Thursday (my internship days), looking forward to my L&H lunches.  I used to pack lunch from home - oh-so-frugal.  But after my first sandwich here.  Frugality and bad economy and student budget be damned!  I'll skip eating the first half of the week and enjoy my L&H sandwiches, please.

I have ordered a different sandwich every single time and have yet to be disappointed.  The strawberry lemonade is divine (it ACTUALLY tastes of sweet strawberries rather than just being dyed pink!).  The chocolate chip cookies are perfectly cooked - just a BIT crunchy with a hint of chewiness in the center.

OMG.  I am so happy today is Wednesday.

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