Friday, September 16, 2011

Do's and Don'ts.

DO try to set a sleep schedule from 11pm to 7am.
DO take properly prescribed Ambien to help set sleep cycle.
DO follow instructions and lie in bed after taking medicine.
DO wake up refreshed and alert after a good night's rest.
DO make a good 2nd impression at previous internship site.
DO take advantage of relationships already in place to learn essential legal skills to get ahead in career.
DO build on known interests and strengths to engage in field of law you find interesting.

DON'T try to stay awake after taking known sleep medication.
DON'T pretend you are a great writer who must share what seems like essential thoughts before embarking on a new phase in life.
DON'T make a fool of yourself with horrific autocorrect and other typos especially when you are a known hyper-critical grammar Nazi.
DON'T fool yourself into thinking blogging under the influence will yield heretofore hidden thoughts and unleash secret talents.
DON'T name your new employer in a drug-addled post so they can fire you before you even begin.

And most of all:
DON'T do drugs, kiddos.


starstuff said...

DON'T do prescription drugs

J.Lim said...

did you get fired?