Thursday, September 29, 2011

My spillful life.

I'm kindof notorious for my spillage abilities. In high school I had a coach who called me "Mouth" because there was water all down the front of my jersey after every water break.

The reason I have a functioning computer at all is partially because I only drink from water bottles at my desk and keep them closed any time I'm not drinking from them. Although even that's not guaranteed (see below when water bottle gently leaked into everything in my bag including a week's worth of casebook readings).

Another time I had to call in sick to work because I was bringing my breakfast to my room and as I walked through the door my glass of milk went deluging EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere. I was really glad that I elevate my laptop on a cooling stand because everything on my desk was soaked in milk. I had to call in sick because it wound up taking me two hours to clean it all up!

Oh and this one time. I was riding shotgun in my mom's new Benzer and we stopped at Baskin Robbins for milkshakes. I had the cardboard drink holder in my lap with our two milkshakes in it caddy corner. Of course when I took my cup out the box plus mom's shake tipped forward onto the floor where my feet were. But whew it's a thick milkshake with a lid so barely any spilled. BUT THEN when I leaned forward to pick it up I forgot about the milkshake in my right hand and as I leaned I also tipped the whole strawberry milkshake into the side door pocket.

Needless to say I'm not really allowed beverage privileges. The Starbucks mug I take on my commute is empty until I get to the cooler at my office.

Anyway what started this lengthy monologue was an incident this morning. Today I was super thirsty heading out the door so I stopped to put in maybe 6 oz. of water into my mug. It's spillproof by the way. We get in the car and I open the sipping lid. The side mirrors are fogged up so I roll down the window and take a napkin from the glove compartment to wipe it down. Then I get the creeping sensation that something is off. WHY OH WHY IS MY CROTCH WET?!?!?!!!!!! Oh right. I opened my spillproof mug and then somehow spilled the whole thing in between my thighs. :( I had to hover with my butt above the seat the whole way to where I get dropped off to take the bus to work. Somehow the water did that magic thing when it creeps up a string that has just one end dipped in the water and it crept up the whole backside of my butt. And my mom tells me my blazer is too short to cover it as I climb out of the car. Great. So glad I look like I have swamp butt so early in the morning.

On that note, Happy Rosh Hashannah!

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