Saturday, February 2, 2008

happy february!

i now have officially 5 months left in Korea.

last night was fun. it was kindof a good for my mind, body, AND soul night.

first maia and i went to a free yoga class at city hall. one of the teachers i taught last week told me about it and i wanted to try it out since my current yoga class is really just glorified stretching for old people (i really miss the structure and format and challenge of ashtanga!). the yoga class was actually taught by another teacher than normal because the regular one had an emergency of some sort. the building was old but our class was small (5 of us!) probably because it was 6:30pm, which is when all the married women are home cooking, and it was friday evening, which is when all the single women are out drinking. anyways maia and i had a lot of fun and the teacher was really nice. i enjoyed the yoga, which was less structured than ashtanga but more challenging than my current class.

we then realized how hungry we were. so we walked a little and then caught a cab to VIPS. a family restaurant steakhouse here in korea. altho it has kindof an outback feel to it, in korea this is a pricey fancy schmancy restaurant. no matter, we showed up in our sweats and sneakers. and it was kindof fun to see the stares (it wasn't only our english this time that was eyecatching) and the not-so-subtle giggling of the heavily done up girls with their swishy boyfriends. it felt good to completely ignore korean "beauty" and even acceptability standards in this "nice" restaurant.

we also ate and ate and ate. it was good. their salad bar is one of the better ones i've seen in korea. and i love love love their chicken. and sweet potato fries. among other things. two sad points were they didn't have cheese melted on bread and the ice cream soft serve machine was broken. but we had a very good time eating our "all-you-can-eat" and rehashing the past 2 weeks of korean life (for better or for worse).

i also DO realize, that as much as i complain about korea sometimes and as miserable as i SOMETIMES feel here, this is a break, a reprieve, a respite that i will not have again until who knows when. once 1L starts up i feel i'll be in overproductive overdrive until i retire. 3 years of law school and internships. a full-time 100 hr/week job. eventually a husband and kids. it's going to be a nonstop ride. so i AM trying to enjoy my ability to do NOTHING while i can. after all, i only have 5 months left of this idle boring lifestyle.

maia and i discuss this quite often. how we were such busy-bees in college and now we kindof feel lost and without a sense of exact purpose sometimes. but at the same time how SIMPLE life in korea is. and also how boring. but we both acknowledge that this really may quite possibly be the most idle year of our lives for the next 20plus years. and so we're trying to enjoy its dullness to the max. haha. somewhat lame. but those are my thoughts right now.

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