Tuesday, February 12, 2008

가족. Part 1. Family.

3 stories: my fam, new year's w/the paternal fam, and the hostfam
i've separated the 3 stories, i should separate each entry also but here's part 1 of a 3 part series.

My Family
I've nearly always considered myself pretty lucky. It's one of the ways I try to stay sane (in life) and learn to be thankful for my life rather than unhappy or complaining. Of all my reasons to consider myself lucky, the most important is my family. I have been blessed, yes blessed, with a magnificent family. My immediate family is crazy terrific. And I don't mean this to brag or gloat or anything like that. I mean it in a way that acknowledges that I had no choice in picking my family but things worked out and for this I am grateful.

My parents have always supported me terrifically. They probably supported me to the spoiling point. And yet I believe they have always tried to give me perspective and the reasoning behind why they supported and sheltered me to spoiling. They've been straightforward with me and they know I turned out spoiled and let me know and as a result have been trying to guide me towards a life of acknowledging my spoiledness and becoming not so spoiled.

Their greatest dream for me has always been for me to be happy while making others happy. They never spoiled me in that way that let me think I could just bowl over everyone else's feelings and do whatever I pleased. If you know me but at all, you'll be quite cognizant that I actually have a nearly debilitating obsession with others' feelings and thoughts.

Ok, I lost track of my point. My point is, my family is superstrong and supertightknit. I've realized since going to college and moreso here, how close I am with my parents and sister. I talk to my parents nearly everyday for over an hour on webcam. And quite often more than once a day. Plus we email. I called my mom at least 3x a day in college. She actually told me to stop calling her. Maybe this is more than close. Maybe I'm dependent and needy. But I love talking to my parents and sister. I really truly honestly do. I am that dorky goodiegoodie from Leave it to Beaver or some other such 1950s sitcom.

I have never known anyone to care for my welfare, well-being, and future as my parents have. Their advice is always superb. Their intuition and understanding of me and my nature/character are uncanny.

Ok, back to the point AGAIN, I'M GOING HOOOOOOOME!!! That's right. I got deathsick over New Year's and now they've invited me home. =) I'm so happy and thrilled I can't even explain. And we're going to visit my sister and school!!! YAYYY!!!! I'm SOOOOO excited!!! We decided Monday night and I bought my tickets today (Tuesday) and I'm going home Thursday and coming back 2 days before school starts. =) I can't wait.

It was kindof silly for me to think that I could go a year (or even that I needed to) without seeing them. How and WHY would anyone deny themselves what you know is best for you?

P.S. in case this seemed overly sappy and ridiculous, I'm not claiming that we're perfect. We fight, we yell, and sometimes we hate each other. and TRUST ME, my family is pretty crazynutso. BUUUUUUT we make it through thick and thin. And I think that's the important part. =T

I think i lost the point of this entry. It's mostly fluff. Anecdotes next time to make it better, i promise.

Actually, I think the point of this entry was just a reminder to myself, to not take my family for granted and not abuse my parents. I'm a horrible child, and I'll fall to hypocrisy (as I'm wont to do) by doing something anti-family-esque and then I'll reread this and repent. So, yes, I think this entry serves a more selfish personal purpose. I apologize that it's not a more interesting read. =/

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