Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(Belated) New Year's Resolutions

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(unfortunately the results for a "new year's duck" Google image search turned up only cooked ducks...)

Last year I had a New Year's "theme" rather than a resolution (that link is sub-par ... I mistakenly thought I had devoted a whole post to my New Year's Theme). This year it seems more appropriate to say I'm sporting a mixture of resolutions and maxims. I suppose if this year were to have a theme, it would be summed up by one of my favorite quotes:
Always behave like a duck: keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like hell underwater.
I only now just realized that this quote that I have loved forever is just a bastardized version of the Michael Caine quote from the picture above. I can't say which version I prefer. I do have a thing for consistency and first impressions. BUT the Michael Caine quote uses the word "dickens" in it - which the nerd in me is giddy over.

In any case, I suppose that is my theme for the year. To share more of a calm (refined?) and thoughtful aura with the world while working my tail off where it counts. To be fully honest, now that I look at it, it does seem like the same theme as last year in different words. Well, I could say it looks like I failed last year's theme. ORRR another way to look at is through the lens of: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." - Thomas H. Palmer

In the spirit of full disclosure, (and for my own record - dear readers, please feel free to hold me to my resolutions/maxims) allow me the indulgence of listing my New Year's resolutions/themes.

1. 말이쁘게 하기 (literally "to talk prettily" - but more in the sense of taking the edge off my biting sarcasm, brutal honesty, and judgmental proclamations/criticisms)

2. To be more patient

3. To be less judgmental/more open-minded/accepting of people who are different from me

4. To be less emotional/superlative

Don't worry. I'm not lobotomizing myself. I plan on being as gregarious and enthusiastic as ever. Just about more pleasant topics and excited in more positive ways. Well, I've got a full day ahead of me tomorrow. Off to bed now =)

And just because pictures of ducks are just so freaking cute (notsomuch in real life).
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