Friday, April 23, 2010

My new poster!

Ok, so last year I was all up in arms about buying a 2nd poster for my room. I even blogged about it (here).

FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY after wasting so much time on the interwebs and coming up with and then rejecting several DIY artsy ideas, I found a print I fell in love with.

After reading about at one of my favorite blogs (link here) I decided to give it a looksee.

I stumbled upon this image.

And I fell in love. I can't say exactly why. I love the pink and green (theme of my room!) and I've always loved birch trees. I've also noticed that I am really into birch tree art (and by this I mean I've seen 2 pieces of art in the past 7 months with birch trees and I liked both of them a lot lot lot).

I know $200 is a lot on my meager student budget .... but since I returned those craptastic shoes below (and the color was a lot prettier than the picture) I figured I deserved this print. Also, it's ART!!! And it makes me oh-so-happy!!!

1 comment:

Lydia said...

It really does fit all the characteristics you specified in the other post, but $200??

Eh. Art.