Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lonely at the top.

Read this article about Angelina the other day.  Reminded me of this t-shirt I got when I was visiting Princeton as an eager little high school junior.  I still wear it from time to time, mostly when I'm out running.  The thing I found funny about the article, is this woman is a professor of psychology and she discusses this phenomenon like it's the first time anyone's thought about it:
Depending on the woman and everything else going on in her life, there are times when the need for female friends is more or less important, and when opportunities are more or less available. Yet, a dearth of friendships is often one of the costs that many high-achieving women pay for celebrity and success. 

It's not a novel concept; the more you accomplish and achieve, the less peers you will have.  And then who do you commiserate with?  Celebrate with?  Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with?

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