Saturday, October 2, 2010

Women in Business.

Chanel from this blog

I always read up on what women in business should wear.  Perhaps because I've always had an obsession with the suit (bought my first "suit" as a 10th grader and then my first "real" suit as a high school senior).

This NYTimes article is interesting.
“I want to feel confident, comfortable and a little sexy in what I wear to work,” Ms. Giannini said. “A pantsuit is an essential item in my wardrobe and I propose one every season in my collection. It has a sophisticated, strong and sleek look, but the cut and detailing makes it absolutely feminine and modern.”
Ms. Sander: “Many women decide on pantsuits because they are easy to wear. But as with men, a suit only works if it is well cut, individually fitted and of quality material. The same, of course, goes for a skirt suit, but there are not so many truly comfortable, easy skirts around."
 Alber Elbaz of Lanvin: “I always felt that men were powerful and women were strong, but women are shifting from strength to power. I was just reading that in medical school there are more women than men. Women are sliding into men’s territory.”
Ms. Philo of Céline: “The idea of it being a problem is the problem,” she said. “And the question itself is problematic because the implication is that it is different for women than men. And as long as we focus on that, then women will always feel second to men in the workplace. 
I hope when people see me in a suit they feel this way, as a "free-spirited woman with the confidence to make a man's world her own":
Mrs. Obama has yet to wear a stark, tailored pantsuit. If she does, it may be a symbol not of a retrograde vision, but of a free-spirited woman with the confidence to make a man’s world her own.

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