Sunday, July 15, 2007

First lesson plans, and church

i went to a korean church today. it was surprisingly a lot like the korean mass at home. although they sang a lot of the responses a LOT more slowly than we do. also, the priest said "the body of christ" in english to our group of 5, even to me at communioin. i had seen him looking at us in the beginning of mass a bit and i was both impressed and surprised by his switch. i've been thinking and i think i might "join" a church once i get to my homestay. i think it would/could be a very surprising support group/outlet that i hadn't really considered before. it's been a while, but maybe i'll start going regularly again.

First lesson plans (Camp Fulbright)
i submitted my first lesson plans tonight!!! during our orientation program here, kangwon national university hosts "camp shiny" an english sleepaway summer camp for kids 4th to 12 grade. the regular classes are taught by outgoing GIKs and us NEW GIK have to teach one lesson each week (2 week camp) to get us into teaching in a "supportive" environment. we get to split a 90 minute session with another GIK the first week so we only have 45 minutes each.

My partner is doing a lesson first on parts of the body. then i'm doing my lesson on clothing and accessories!!! we're going to emphasize what you wear on WHERE to link our lessons together =) my main lesson has two parts. one game with a "clothesline" on the chalkboard and when i call out either the clothing or the part of the body and teh children get to tape up pictures of clothing on flashcards. then we're going to do a "project runway" and the kids will make their own outfits and model them and describe them to each other!! i'm so excited!!! =) yayyy!

hehe, ok, i have a korean quiz (ADVANCED class ... haha) tomorrow morning so i better study, and write in my real journal. =)

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Jessica said...

hahahahahaha of course your lesson would be on clothes and accessories..but very cute ideas! miss you lots..sorry i didnt wake up this morning =/