Friday, July 13, 2007

Homesick, and how lucky I am

practicing hanji (paper crafts) with my roommate

my teeny tiny room

this is the view from my doorway. it's so little!!! prob like 100 sq. ft.

today i went to 모굑탕, or a public bathhouse, with some other GIKs and our OCs. It was a lot of fun. I was talking in English with one of our Orientation Counselors and this little girl came up and stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME just staring at me. haha. so i said, hello, and she just kept staring at me. i guess it was weird for her to see an asian girl speaking english.

i talked to two of my friends from home this morning on Skype and it made me miss home so much! I guess I'm really lucky to have people to miss and stuff like that. I can't believe I won't see these people (my friends!) for a year!!! Especially becaue I'm so used to seeing them EVERYDAY!!! whenever i want!!! this is crazy!!! haha. oh well. i guess i knew all of this when i made my choice. but it will be hard. i hope i'll make a few really good friends here for when i miss my duke/home friends. =]

i had amazingly delicious samgyubsal today. we had green tea samgyubsal and "herb" samgyubsal (really it was just seasoned with salt and pepper and something else). it was sooooooo good. maybe becuase it had been a while (a week) since i had just meat. which, if you know me, is one of my favorite foods (PROTEIN, MMHHMMMMM!!!)

but i think my taste buds and taste is getting less picky and more open by being here. it's really embarassing to explain to the other American GIKS how to eat stuff and say it's good and then for me to not eat it or explain that I'm not eating it because I don't like it. So today with my SSAHM i ate the scallion (pa) salad and actually it was SO delicious. I can't believe i've never eaten it in my ssahm before. also i ate the cooked kimchi from the grill pan. and that was SOOOOOO delicious!!! i can't believe i've never liked cooked kimchi!!! OMG!!! haha i'm happy that i'm trying "new" foods in korea. =)

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