Friday, July 27, 2007

my first lesson

a few of our yoga students

practice run of my teaching "hook" - my roommate was laughing so hard + i had rainboots and sweatpants

me teaching on friday =)

our adorable "models"

i taught my first lesson yesterday and it was exciting and tiring! this week was pretty busy consdiering that we didn't have any afternoon workshops due to camp shiny. so i keep getting confused with what i've written before, but camp shiny is an english immersion summer camp and on tuesday 7 ppl got to lead one club activity. anyway, friday was my first actual lesson that i got to teach. my class was "clothing and accessories" and i started with a million differnet clothes on that i took off as the students named them. this got a little awkward towards the end, (i didn't think this all the way through) but i managed to remember when to stop when i got to my actual outfit. haha. after that i set the kids loose with newspaper to do a "project runway"-esque activity. they were soooo cute.

so now we have our "weekend fun" activity in a little bit. my roommate and i are doing "blacktop games" so hopscotch, hula hoop, jump rope games, etc. then we're leaving for 24 hours (roughly) in seoul. =) i'm really excited! we're going to do cutesy cultural touristy things. so my monday/tuesday post will be a lot of fun hopefully.

i also was reading my tourguide book yesterday about cheongju where i'll be living for a year. i read about this huge catholic cathedral thing and they have english mass every sunday so i was telling my mom about that and she said that's actually the church where one of our family friend-priests is the head priest so she's really excited that i had been planning on joining that church/congregation anyway. i guess that's nice =)

also, my sister is really silly so i'll post my info up in a separate post in a sec. =)

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