Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter does Korea

Ok, so about half of our group went to go see Harry Potter tonight. (No spoilers, I promise) even tho the book tells you what happens. Anyway, I LOVED it. It was just like the NYTimes review said it would be and I liked it a lot. Though I think it presupposes that most viewers have also read teh books and takes some (a lot) of liberties given that assumption. I think it definitely deilvered given it's shorter running time than the other movies.

Anyway, I've gotten a lot more respect for Daniel Radcliffe as an actor. I think he and the other actors/actresses have developed a lot. Although I've always thought Ron was kindof awkward and stiff but maybe that's just part of his character. As usual, I think the Weasley twins have gotten cuter. I'm really a fan. And Neville is HUUUUUGE. He's like 6 and a half feet tall. If he didn't have to be so mopey faced all the time I think he'd be kindof plain but good looking. The girlwho played Luna is a complete non-actress. She read the book and decided she was the onlyi person who could play Luna. And I Totally agree. I thought she was soooo good and perfect at being Luna. I was a little disappointed by Grawp and the Thestrals. I expected them to be a little differenet in my mind.

But anyways, the main point as I was watching this, was how much Harry Potter reminds me of JJ Redick. Yes, I'm a complete weirdo Blue Devil, I'm sorry. First of all their jaw lines reminded me of each other, and sortof the faces, too. But moreso the character. I feel like Harry was put under the microscope and public eye much too early and it was out of his control and ppl have all these expectations of him and he's always supposed to be nice and good and know just what to do and how to act under pressure and fire. And there are so many critics and haters and all that but he somehow just manages with grace (usually) and just deals, which I think is pretty mature. So, yea, Harry Potter totally reminds me of JJ Redick. (go ahead, laugh all you want - Ashley, I so hear you!!)

2nd point: Dinosaur
How many Koreans does it take to demolish (is that the verb for demolition?) a building? The answer is 4. One to handle the dinosaur truck to tear it apart. One to maneuver traffice around the surrounding sidewalk where debris is showering down. Another to hose the dinosaur mouth to keep the dust from going all over is my guess. And a fourth to sweep the falling debris (which is huge and dangerous) as it is raining down upon him. I wish I had had my camera but who knew I would get to see such exciting events on the way to/from a movie? So they are destructing this whole building and chunks of concrete and metal structure poles and s tuff are all falling down on the sidewalk and this one ajussi is just underneath with NO helmet nonchalantly brooming the dust into a pile. Which is pretty useless because more dust is raining down as he does it and he's basically just pushing dust around whilst concrete blocks are dropping all around him. It was pretty ridiculous.

On a Korea related note, the movie theatre was so clean and cute. The seating area was smaller (less seats) than in the US but it was set up really well given Korea's land constraints. Also, we get assigned seats. That was interesting. I've also finally gotten the REAL point of what ppl mean when they say Korea is a couples' culture. EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is a couple. I felt like i should just grab my roommates hand/waist so we could fit in. I mean, literally 80% of the people at LEAST that we saw were couples. And some wore the matching couple tees, and EVERYONE was holding hands/waists, etc. I'm not really sure what everyone means by saying that Korea is not a gender-crossed skinship culture. There is so much "casual" skinship all over the place. However, the couples are not that attractive. I know that's a mean thing to say, but I really feel like the couples are together just so they don't have to be alone.

In America, (maybe I am an ethnocentrist) I feel like ppl are usually together because they like each other. Somehow I kept getting the feeling that these ppl were just together because it beat being individuals. I'll try to find a better way to word that more clearly to get what I'm trying to say.

so, main points: korean demolition is dangerous. and harry potter = jj redick = i heart them both so much

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