Tuesday, November 18, 2008

another reason to hate cases!!!

i had this DEEEEE-lightful little seque that was both oh-so-funny and clever in connecting my last possibly very vulnerable-seeming post and this new upcoming one about law school and the onset of exams.

and OF COURSE i lost it in between the "aha!" moment of it dawning upon me and the urge to read JUST one more case before calling it a night and allowing myself the time to blog.

drat phooey. blurgh.

what remedies can i ask for against the stupid gods of law school? what can they possibly give me that'll make up for ALL the little joys in life that this [insert adjective here] year that is 1L has stolen from me. (converted from me? conversion of chattel = conversion of time and joy??)

oh, a little nerdy tidbit from my head:
today i decided i really really want someone to touch something, anything, an item i own JUST so i can say,
"hey stop that! that's trespass to my chattels!!!"

for those of you who are not well-versed in trespass to chattels. (i'm not either-i don't think we've fully covered that yet in torts)

so yea, i might be using that idea/phrase/tort totally wrongly. don't ever EVER rely on anything i say here as anything remotely qualifying as legal advice. hahaha. i don't want to be sued for legal malpractice before i'm even a lawyer!

memo 2 due thursday. like "tomorrow."

that technically i've kinda sorta started. but not really.
that i was kindof freaking out about. apparently, unnecessarily.

to put things in perspective. this one memo hath not the ability to make or break me. (haha watch me turn out to be wrong).

a. legal writing isn't graded. it's pass/fail and may or may not be subsumed w/in our legal methods grade.
b. it's not graded.
c. as long as i hand something passable in, i'm good.
(let's hope i don't take this lax attitude with me into december and onward to the bar)
(which is not to say i'm not giving it the best i've got given my current circumstances of ummm having less than 2 weeks left of the semester AND first day of sending out 1L summer intenrship apps coming up all w/in like 10 days!!!)

lawfully yours, c.pink
(how's that one?)

and one response i got via email to my latest published post:
"it's entries like these and statements comparing men to entrees that i wonder if you're actually a dude inside"

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