Tuesday, November 25, 2008

hit by T v. hit by car

(to the left of that peninsula of sidewalk is comm ave w/cars whizzing by)

I keep having little "aha!" moments when it hits me, a little at a time, that I might be a REAL first year law student.

believe it or not, i've been applying myself, somewhat diligently to my studies and listening to my professors and i'm starting to think (maybe) a little like a law student (and hopefully also a little like a lawyer)

the first time it "hit me" hit me:

10/12/08 In Boston: While walking down Comm Ave and waiting for the T, my mom is saying how dangerous it is to have that mini-sidewalk in the middle of the street with the T tracks on one side and the street w/cars zooming by on the other. And this convo ensues:

1L: If you have a choice it might be better to fall into the tracks instead of the street
Mom: Why? Because the T is slower?
1L: No, because the government probably has more money than the random driver on the street has in insurance
Mom: Oh, wow. You sound like a lawyer
1L: Actually, I'm not sure - the government might not have waived their sovereign immunity to that
Mom: What?!

(coincidentally, this picture was supplied by the BU law school - i hope they don't sue me for copyright infringement or other unlawful use)

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