Wednesday, February 8, 2012

People who probably don't deserve to live.

I had originally titled this post "People who need to die" but that seemed unduly harsh and perhaps a bit extreme. So I changed it to reflect a slightly gentler estimation of the dregs/scourge(s?) of society.

Without further ado:

1. Linecutters.
2. People who clog up the escalator passing aisle.
3. People who don't flush the toilet in public restrooms.
4. Linecutters.
5. People who don't wipe down gym machines.
6. People who smoke cigarettes upwind from me.
7. Linecutters. (Seriously, this can NOT be on the list too many times.)
8. People who act like super-douches to service industry workers.
9. People who get on the subway car before everyone gets off.
10. Linecutters.

Oh, right. And rapists, murderers, child abusers, women-hitters (people who hit women, not women who hit others), aaaaaaaaannnnnnnd last but not least, Carolina fans.




starstuff said...

hmmm... sounds like Chinese people. Not being racist here, just observation-ist.

Christine said...

LOL. that's a hilarious comment. I've never noticed race one way or the other - i usually just death glare or roll my eyes. but now i'm gonna check.

i do definitely dislike being jostled around in chinatown.

starstuff said...

Actually, I take that back. The Chinese are a deep-routed, fierce, and commendable race. As all race have their owns.

Super good dimsum place in Chinatown. We should get some.

Esther said...

This post is a little scary