Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Hunger Games. And my cultural education.

So, I previously wrote about how tempted I was to just continue reading The Hunger Games (rather than go to bed).

I don't think I mentioned this the first time around, but I cried OPENLY, on the bus, on my morning commute, within the first 25 pages.  It's. That. Good.  (Sister love, it'll get me every time.  BUT NOT My Sister's Keeper - UGH.  Stupid girls who told me this was a must-read, I will get you back someday!)

Not only that, but I've been watching the movie trailer on repeat for a few weeks now.  I cry EVERY. TIME. I watch the trailer.  (Despite the fact that there are several GLARING incongruities from the book apparent in it... SIGH).

Just now I watched it, and through wiping away my tears I clicked on one of those "Related" links on the side.  It said the FIRST *10* minutes of the movie was leaked!!!  I WAS SO EXCITED!!!  Then this weird 80s looking dude starts dancing, and I go, "Is this an ad???"

My sister stared at me and then started laughing.  She goes, "You've been Rickrolled!"  I had NO IDEA what rickrolling was.  That made her laugh more.  ""Is this an ad???"" she mimicked me!!!  As we have come to discuss time and again, I have NO cultural IQ.  This is old news.  And yet it amuses her to no end whenever a display of my pathetic lack of pop culture knowledge rears its silly self.

Nonetheless, I can't WAIT to see this movie.  I'm also terrified of how they're going to depict certain scenes.  (In the end, I didn't go see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, mostly because I didn't think I could handle the uber-messed up s*x scenes.) 

The Hunger Games is supposed to be "young adult" fiction - but seriously the things that happen in there are MESSED. UP.  Especially freaking out about the "last" kill portion of the Games. 

Anyways, added a new little countdown widget - because I. CANNOT. WAAAAAAIT.  It's Gonna Be FAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!  (Read the last two sentences in an Oprah voice!!!)

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sylvia said...

haha, this post made me laugh

ps - i read the sister's keeper. i was SO ANGRY by the end. ugh