Sunday, August 26, 2007

8/22/07 Wednesday

Ok, I take it back. I do NOT love love love my rock star status. Today, the kids started yelling “hangukuh” (KOREAN LANGUAGE) at me lynch-mob style and I had to run behind the head English teacher (dragging most of the mob behind me) to say, “SAVE ME” and then she yelled at them to stop.

Plus the questions are getting more ridiculous and personal and I swear this one kid is out to sexually harass me!!! He kept pulling on my hand during break time (which has turned into pester the new English teacher until she cries time) then kept trying to tap my chest with my hand … THEN he comes up behind me later when I’m walking by, and I SWEAR he CUPPED my butt!!! He like cup-patted it twice … and I don’t know what English he would understand so I just gave him a disapproving glare (but it was probably not as scary as I hoped it was!).

Haha, but they are really funny still and adorable. Also, they’ve decided that I need a boyfriend who is the same age as me and wants to get married soon. Then we can go on a honeymoon to America together and I will bring them lots of presents and pictures. One of them kept telling me I should be HIS girlfriend, which was sweet but I think he was just trying to get a free ride to America. Haha.

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