Friday, August 31, 2007


i am getting to be more and more competent at life in korea. today i visited 2 gyms to see which one i wanted to join (once my foot gets better, if ever). i also learned where the shoe fixing place is (very important as i am a foot dragger who goes through her heels like ... i can't think of a good simile, but very often). i saw several post offices near my apt. complex AND took my frist cheongju bus ride. i got a cute bus pass that goes on my cell phone (will post pic soon) and got to use it today! i was successful in mounting and dismounting at the right times/places. i am so proud of myself! it's these little things that make me feel more and more at home in korea (buying my tmoney card, having a mybi card on my phone, etc.).

i have no classes on fridays and i hope to use this time to travel more/further in korea and learn about culture and take long weekends to visit other etas. today i just wanted to chill and this weekend stay close and rest up before the big day that is monday that is first official classes! (9 to 5!) so instead of going very far i just went to ochang to visit bryan ajussi. i rather liked it. it was pretty randomly in the middle of nowhere but it was nice and rminded me a lot of jersey city and hoboken. there are lots of new developments and its def geared to young starter families (jc and the boken are more for singles, but it's pretty similar looking). pretty much we saw the WHOLE town adn i mean the WHOLE town 2x within the 7ish hours we were there. it's really open airy though and MUCH less ppl and noise than cheong ju so i really liked that. plus the air jsut FELT better to breathe. i'm really gonna need cheongju as a stepping stone bw life in durham and life on the upper west side next year.

i've made notes on an entry i meant to write last night, so that'll prob come tomorrow. plus i made some interesting discoveries today, so perhaps that'll come up, too. (i SWEAR i will kill the cuckoo clock in this house-it's midnight and cuckooing 12 times!!!)

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