Monday, August 6, 2007

"Culture Shock"

this last one is courtesy of UNC. a great educational institution (snicker snicker BOOOOOOO)

this may be hard to believe but these are all actually taken from various colleges' and universities' study abroad websites. i feel like i'm in the 1860s or 1950s racism and stereotype-wise.

so a while back, towards the beginning of orientation we had a presentation/workshop on "culture shock" and my roommate and i recently have been talking and realizing (rather comically) that we've started the cycle.

Here are the various phases of "Culture shock":
Increasing participation

This a quote:
Other symptoms may include "excessive washing of the hands, exaggerated concern over drinking water, food, dishes and bedding, the absent-minded, far-away stare, a feeling of helplessness and a desire for dependence on long-term residents of one’s own nationality; fits of anger over delays and other minor frustrations; delay and outright refusal to learn the language of the host country, excessive fear of being robbed or injured, great concern over minor pains and eruptions of the skin, and finally that terrible longing to be back home, to have a good cup of coffee, to walk into that corner drugstore, to visit one’s relatives and friends and, in general to talk to people who really make sense" (Oberg).

Overall, it is kindof comical (we are bad ETAs who laugh at the ridiculosity of others' advice rather than take it seriously).
Rosie and I have decided we have now entered the "CRISIS" phase (a little prematurely)

Crisis Phase
Weeks 9–12

General Attitude Hostility, irritation, aggression

Events Uneven work performance, confrontation with differences

Emotional Response Discouragement, lethargy, depression, suspicion, boredom, homesickness, anger, extreme sensitivity and irritability, loneliness

Behavioral Response Withdrawal, avoiding contact with host nationals, excessive sleep, fits of weeping, loss of concentration, tension and conflict with others

Physical Response Minor illnesses, headaches, preoccupation with personal cleanliness

Verbal Response "This place s—s! I hate it here. This place and these people are stupid." Use of stereotypes, chauvinism, nationalism. "We" excludes host nationals.

Rosie has a new obsession with showering all the time and I have decided that I would rather sleep all day every day than do anything else. We are so glad that we've noticed the symptoms of CRISIS culture shock in each other and are forming a support group for others.

We are very glad for helpful 18 hour long GIK workshops. They come in handy in times like these.

(Haha, this comment is mostly for Ashley, Wint, and my sister: in case you didn't pick up on the sarcastic tone of the blog- we are very much actually dealing with these "symptoms" but find them funny because we are not in CRISIS phase)

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Jessica said...

what exactly IS crisis..??? like just freaking out cuz you miss home?? jeez...they had to call it crisis... sounds so serious and dangerous...
good luck with your crisis symptoms! (i bet you're just sleeping more cuz of all the panda bear eyes o.O they're eating your brain!)