Wednesday, August 29, 2007

cheongju etas!!!

prettilicious dakkalbi bokkumbap

maia, eric, jamal

me, bryan, franklin

streets of chicago

at school i ahd a hilarious thing i wanted to blog about and now i'm totally drawing a blank.

but anyway, reasons why i should ALWAYS carry my camera, there was this REAAAALLY funny sign up in front of the middle school next to my school on the first day of school and so i took my camera yesterday but it was already gone. =( basically the sign said something like "사과 apple is incorrect. AN APPLE is correct" i have NO idea what it meant or was trying to do, my guess was that they want koreans to use articles or something.

anyway, yesterday all the chicago ppl (except minsuk) came to hang out and it was really good to do that and speak english with ppl and not have to slow it down or anything. =) also it was so fun to hear aobut everyone else's experiences and schools and families and stuff. also to hear more about other chicago exploration that i have not yet done. i think maia and i are the north and south bookends and mostly everyone else is in between us in the middle. we had dinner together and then were planning on drinking but somehow everyone was yawning and nodding off by like 9pm. including me. i was super duper tired. actually. i think im gonna take a nap now. it was on my list of stuff to do when i leave school. =)

ok just kidding, i remember now. it wasn't HILARIOUS, just kinda funny (so maybe i dont remember i just remmbered another thing i forgot)

lunchtime convo:
head english teacher: i learned a new english last night
me: oh?
het: yes, throw down some beers
het: is that correct? i can say: let's go to a bar and throw down a couple of beers.
me: haaahahaha yes of couse, but i think i would say "throw back" some beers
het: oh, why?
me: i feel like throw down is more about going outside and fighting (how my freinds at school use it)
het: oh, ic. maybe it has changed already since the book was made.
me: oh probably.
het: well anyway, after i learned that, i threw back a couple of beers with my husband.
me: i think that drinking after studying is pretty helpful
het: yes i agree (we laugh)

she likes beer, and cant wait to get me drunk, and also her favorite thing about the kimchi refrigerator is that its the perfect temperature for coolilng beers ... hahaha i love my teachers!

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Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is one of my favorite things to do even in Hawaii. It's true about the KimChee Refrig. We keep our beer in it too. It's keeps them colder than reg. refrig.
I also loved your 'fan death' story. I am not sure why but Korea must be the only country where people die from sleeping with the fan on. You will hear many more as you get older like if you eat tofu right after giving birth, all your teeth will fall out. The kids have sent you a postcard and I hope it gets to your new address. Miss you.

JungMin Unni