Friday, August 31, 2007

webcam dilemma

i love my powerbook g4. i do. it's trusty. it's given me less trouble in 2 years than my dell gave me per week. i somehow am a hot mess who ripped off my "delete" key a few days ago trying to fix it, but other than that, this is my baby. however, i'm getting a little frustrated at having a mac in korea.

first of all, 2 ppl in korea own macs and they're probably other ppl from my program. there is no support or accessories or anything for macs in korea. the korean "word" program used in my school does not have an OS X version, so i either make my lessons at school/on host-family's computer, or i just make the format in word. (i've already just converted it to MS word and my school can get used to me (we'll call it a compromise since i had to make it).

so now i want a webcam. i thought about buying an isight in the states but then it was expensive so i was like oh i'll get a cheaper good one in korea, home of electronics and stuff. i get here to realize that apple stopped making isights bc of the new macbooks and so they cost uber much on ebay/amazon and also that macs are annoying at compatibility with other webcams that apparently PALE in comparison in terms of quality and convenience and etc.

so now i'm facing, should i fork out the $250+ for a new or used isight? or keep looking for another webcam? or ... haha buy a new macbook pro??? =) im gonna need a new comp for law school anyway i think. so that's always an option. maybe next summer i'll get a brand new macbook pro (i'm drooling just THINKING about it!!!!)

hehe, promised entry coming later today after i do my week 2 2nd grade lesson plan. i gotta have some goals. haha


Amelia said...

There are several Mac only stores in Yongsan in Seoul, if you go there. I got my keypad protector there.

They might have some iSights, but I don't know. They don't do the student discount thing probably. But if you're in Seoul, you should check..

grayshifter said...

Hey hon, I wuv my MB pro, but it's got its issues too.

What's your issue with the webcam, do they not work with the macs? Buh, sorry your word compatibility sucks too. My prob was just making sure I left the file extension on so the idiotic PC could handle life.

And huzz huzz for not having problems with Dells. I wuv my Dell, but it's just chronically under the weather. I've reformatted that baby about five trillion times. Sigh...