Tuesday, May 6, 2008


so, lately, as most of you may know, i've started swimming. my pool is in a different "dong," or roughly translated, a different neighborhood. as a result, i've been spending a lot of time on the bus.

incidentally, (did i use that correctly?) it's also been getting hot. oh, and did i mention, my swim lessons are usually between 5 and 7pm meaning on both my way there AND back, it's somehow in the middle of a "rush hour"? the way TO the pool is when kids get out of school and swarm the bus system to get home (they aren't put in schools by location, weird to me - the american system makes so much more sense...) and the way BACK from the pool is when ppl are going home for dinner, students at the university near the pool get out, etc etc etc. so pretty much the bus is PACKED.

and one thing i've noticed, the proximity to other people that is HUGE on dance floor is all but GONE in the bus. there is so much rubbing and touching and pushing against people and i HATE it. i HATE being touched. i HATE HATE HATE brushing up on other people.

A. people are gross. koreans don't shower every day (yet) as a country. and you don't know where their skin/clothing has been.
B. people are gross. they smell.
C. people are gross. they sweat and then put their sweat on you.
D. people are gross. i hate being touched by them.

ergo, why i'm not much of a clubber, concert-goer, etc. etc. etc. i hate being in crowded places with lots of people because they are GROSS. so i'm thinking, that i can't really do anything about the going there time.

anyways, like i said, it's been getting hot. and these buses are so NOT air-conditioned. they are SO crowded. and these people are SO GROSS. and i am NOT looking forward to the end of may and all of june that i will be spending on these crowded stinky buses. i'm looking for any suggestions for avoiding those crowded times. i'm thinking maybe grab dinner after swim lesson and then hang around the new angel-in-us reading or bring my laptop and work on school stuff from there for a bit until after rush hour's over?

laptop is heavy. and don't know that locker room locker is the safest place for it ... buuuuuut i'm open to anything.

p.s. swimming update: finished learning first three strokes (freestyle, back, breast) and started butterfly kick on friday =)

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