Friday, May 2, 2008

Reasons to like my hostfamily

So, I know I've been complaining quite a lot lately about my hostfamily, so I made one of those pros vs. cons list like we used to do in middle school when choosing which boy to like/date/talk to. Except, I listed reasons I don't like them and then countered with reasons they're not so bad. Y'kno, as like a, learning to be thankful/learning to look on the bright side exercise.

BLURG: The house is always cold. I am always cold. The family is always hot.
Bright side: I could be living on the street. In a box.

BLURG: The food is not delicious.
Bright side: There are no bugs or dirt in my food.

BLURG: Hostmom thinks she's a good cook.
Bright side: She doesn't try to poison me.

BLURG: Hostmom idolizes her son.
Bright side: She doesn't beat him or drag me into their fights.

BLURG: Hostfamily is noisy.
Bright side: They are not smelly.

BLURG: Hostfamily is Korean.
Bright side: They are not Nazis.

BLURG: Hostmom thinks she's smarter than me.
Bright side: She's not bipolar, crazy, handicapped, or blind (thus needing my assistance).

BLURG: My room is small.
Bright side: I cannot touch 3 walls at once. I have sufficient closet space.

So, all in all, most of my complaints are pretty petty. And I've just had a rough week. Let's blame it on the new meds for my moodswings and crankiness. I've been making an effort to talk to imo more lately and it's paying off. She's also been having a rough time these past few months (stuff at work and family issues) and she acknowledged today she hasn't been paying as much attention to me or my needs lately as a result. And she asked me to try to understand, and that was a nice gesture so I will be more understanding. Granted, she never wanted to host me in the first place, and taking that into account, she has been very accommodating. =) Every cloud has a silver lining. And I need only look at other hostfamilies to realize that mine is really not so bad after all.

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