Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zooland and Sports Day!!!

ok, it's about time i did this entry. it's been in the works for a week now.

so last tuesday, april 29th was our school's field trip day. i tagged along with the 2nd graders to Zooland in daejeon. Zooland is a "zoo" with some amusement park/town festival-type rides. i'll do the entry via photo-essay. one of the weirdest things for me was that there were no chaperones. just the teachers, each with their 36 kids. and this was true of the many groups i saw there during the day. just 1 teacher handling 30plus kids. crazy.

2 lunchboxes prepared by class moms for meeee

a bunch of my 2nd graders at the entrance of zooland

this kid didn't need to go to the zoo, he brought his pet beetle in a box in his backpack...

the animals were all mid-shed = GROSS

this bird got shat on ... yea, buddy, i feel ya

so i had never noticed this kid before, but he kept 챙겨ing me, giving me food, and trying to give me the prizes he won. he seems kindof irreverent but he does have manners. at least towards me.

this is one of my chubby ones. she was going in her backpack and EATING the whole time. chubbs represent!!!

what koreans will do for a picture. perch preschoolers precariously in a hippo's mouth several feet above brick ground.

the "multicultural" festival. their "mexican" dance was to ricky martin's "She Bangs."

this little halmunni was having the TIME OF HER LIFE. dancing and shaking like nobody's business!!!

lunchtime was a strange and interesting time. all the kids brought their own plastic mats, and they all got together and shared/ate food. they also all bring little offerings to the teachers. it was kindof sad tho bc i got to see all the kids who don't have friends eating by themselves (in the cafeteria they are all forced to sit at class tables with no spaces between kids).

two of my little ones on a ride (min-gyu and hyun-gyu)

3 of my boys. the one in blue jacket is SUCH a good guy. he's mature for the grade and sweet and polite and just a wonderful kid. it's the ones like him that make my days bearable.

boys being silly. the one in the moss vest (far right) is my little airplane.
he actually STOOD up on his chair last year and spun around with his arms out like he was a plane in the MIDDLE of my class.

this is one of my absolute favorite. not a good pic, but when he smiles, i melt and angels are born.

hyun-gyu, one of my favorite little students

Now, for Sports Day (운동회). It started out kindof eery and creepy. All the students were lined up in the dirt yard in front of the podium thing, and after the principal gave some speech about school honor and pride and love for country they all saluted him and yelled, "충성," which means "Loyalty!" And it was so miltaristic it was weird. Also, I then joined in with the aerobics. They all stood in their straight lines and stretched and warmed up together counting in unison. It was ridiculous. (apparently this is a relic of the japanese colonization?) they claim that japanese schools do this, too.

Anyway, unfortunately i don't have any pictures of my FAVORITE event, which was over before i even pulled out my camera. it was the 6th grade boys' competition. it was a sort of chicken-fight with 3 boys as the base and one on top. and they were all running around and pushing the other "boy-towers" over. and yea, it took about 5 minutes for this game to end. =( they should've just done this ALL day.

The podium area where the principal, VP, and other important people sat.

2nd graders lining up to approach racing area.

3rd graders (my kids from last year) doing some hula hoop dance

they raced through a "rainbow tunnel" made from the hoops

1st grade girls running

coteacher holding the finish line all day long

english head teacher in charge of keeping score (i got to sit here, too!)

random game in the middle where halmunnis got to do ring toss and you won the soda/juice bottles if your ring went around it

moms' relay. this is where my head english teacher's husband told me, "you will see AJUMMA POWER!!!"

dads' relay. no similar comment was made about ajussi power.

2nd grade girls had this BIZARRE game where they had to roll this GIANT ball thing, every time they tagged off, the new group of girls would run over at least 2 of the girls who were still behind it ... lol it was hysterical... and SO BIZARRE

all the moms and dads playing tug of war for points for their kids

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