Friday, May 2, 2008


i just got home from watching IRON MAN with Robert Downey Jr. and apparently today, May 2, 2008 is the opening night. who knew? Maia and i figured it's been out for a few weeks in the states. but ha HA, i saw it before you guys!!!

yeeeea... anyway. this was definitely a movie i probably never would've seen in america. or seen it with my silly guy friends. so i knew NOTHING about iron man before this, only that it was a comic, and i think there's like a 1950s version of it? and i only know that because the sony theatres near my house where i grew up had a great poster from it up.

so anyway, this is my first american film since watching HARRY POTTER 5 this past summer. so this was kindof a BIG DEAL. and i'm sorry. but american films are GREAT. not like, i dunno quality-wise, although this thing cost a pretty penny you can tell ... i mean GREAT as in enjoyable.

this was not the best movie. there was so much ridiculosity. but i guess it's sci-fi (?) technically in genre so it's allowed to play with reality a little. i was laughing. a LOT in this movie. like, the most ridiculous stuff would happen. and maia was only obsessed with the love story. haha. gwyneth paltrow was a pretty fiery redhead (lookswise, characterwise she was, in the words of my sister, a pansy).

it was so fanTASTical. in so many ways. like, not fantastic like it's gonna win some oscars, but fantastic in that FANTASY-obsessed way. it was so far out there, and UNREAL. i enjoyed every minute of it. and i also can see why koreans think americans are so crazy and america is so weird. most of their knowledge of our country comes through (let's face it) our movies. not the news or other "objective" sources. what they know of america comes from movies and our pop icons.

so clearly they think guns run amok (i guess they do compared to here, but i've never seen one in real life - except on cops) even in suburbia where i grew up, and i dunno, we all walk around dressed like hookers and there are crazy car chases and gang fights and corrupt cops. ok, so movies somewhat depict reality. but yea, if my only access to a culture was through it's movies, i would have some WEEEEEEEEEIRD opinions, too.

okay, exhausted. look forward to my funny *LIST* tomorrow morning.

and p.s. jon favreau lost a MILLION pounds!!! he has a JAWline!!!

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경아 said...

hey, i just saw that movie today, too! :) i know what you mean about it being fantastically unreal... but i still enjoyed it and tried to suspend my disbelief.

and i can't believe this was your first american movie since harry potter.

see you sOOn!