Monday, June 9, 2008

an interesting thought.

this week may very well be my last week of teaching real lessons.

seeing how next week i only have the one demonstration class on tuesday and english camp on friday.

and then the week after that is my last week teaching here PERIOD so i'll just have them learn things like "good bye/thank you/i'll miss you" that week and say my  good-byes to my kids.

so as i just finished my last powerpoint for this week's 2nd grade lesson, i'm realizing this is quite possibly the last teaching i'll be doing for real. for a full week. HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. JOY.

also, last week i had to sign some piece of paper with 사직서 (i think i wrote this but i forget) so my co-teacher could hand it in to the money office that is my official resignation at the end of this month. woohoo!!!

plussss i have this giant pile of boxes next to the piano in my room ANNND all i'm gonna keep doing is packing. YAYYY.

i'll write about the sad side of leaving later. right now is about joy.

one non-happy note: i haven't swam in like 10 days ... and my family tried to stuff me this past weekend = i gained like 1.5 kilos. which is like 3 lbs. i MUST make myself go to the pool even if i don't have an instructor for this month.

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