Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June plans.

P.S. I've just started to know my kids names. WITHOUT their nametags. haha. A little too late...

Okay, so I've already written that I was granted my request to terminate my Fulbright contract early and I'm leaving Korea on July 2nd.

I wrote my mandatory "Thank you" to Mrs. Shim and mailed it off yesterday. I spent all of Monday packing up boxes of books and winter clothes to send home pre-arrival of moi. Yesterday, after school, I had to sign a paper with "사직서" which is like my formal resignation or something for the office that pays me moneys. I'm so out of here, SO soon. I can really feel it.

Anyways, June is gonna fly by, possibly quicklier than May. (And not a moment too soon as my English is deteriorating somewhat horribly...)

This week: Today's my last day of work for the week. YES 2-day workweek. Going to 광주 and then 진도 for my final familial hurrah. Back on Monday.

2nd week: 4 day workweek, probably Seoul on the weekend to say goodbye to friends.

3rd week: 2 day workweek (possibly ONE DAY week), dinner with everyone I've been friends with in Cheongju (FBers, swimming oppa, favorite teachers, family friends). Fulbright final dinner in Seoul, NKSK soccer game with my cousins, and possible templestay.

4th week: 4 day workweek, mostly goodbye parties in every class. Finish packing over the weekend. Go up to Seoul and stay with family for 2 days prob. GO TO ICN AND USAAAAAA!!!!!!!

It's gonna flyyyyyyy byyyyyyyyyyyy.......

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Amber said...

Ahhh you really are leaving soon!!!!!