Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i went back to the pool yesterday after an 11-day hiatus. mostly caused by the end of my lessons and a short week followed by long weekend on the family island.

anyway, i was going to go on monday and put it off because i could. and i had a million excuses not to. also, i was scared, that it would be lonely without all the familiar faces, that i would look a fool practicing butterfly on my own, that i would have to share a lane and crash into people.. ykno.

anyway, i went yesterday and it was good. so good. not perfect (things rarely are), but good. of course all the instructors were gone. there were a bunch of new faces in place. unfamiliar, unfriendly faces. but i probably thought the same thing when i first went to the pool anyway.

so i went to the pool. and i stayed about 10 minutes longer than my lessons normally last. but i still did the minimum 15 laps i always do. my instructor told me he usually makes me do between 15 and 20 per 40-50 minute lesson. so i did the same amount but clearly my rests were a lot longer.

i was so winded. and some of my muscles were killing me in the water but not really sore or in pain today (yay for stretching it out in the pool!). so i think i'm good. plus it felt SO good to be in the water again and block out everything else in my mind/life/surroundings.

it WAS a little awkward at first. i could FEEL i wasn't doing the strokes right. but after a few turns, it all worked out. I didn't do any full on butterfly practice because i could tell my muscles were def not up to it. but i did some half butterfly (one arm at a time) for 2 laps. i think my instructor would've been proud of my solo practice. =)

must go back today.

the new instructors aren't giving lessons until the 15th, so we'll see what happens with the rest of this month.

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