Monday, June 16, 2008

My big fat Korean wedding.

will not have any Koreans invited to it.

haha. I was so worried and sad that I might go the whole year without being invited to a Korean wedding. (Well, technically, I was invited to my VP's son's wedding but pretended I hadn't heard about it so I could have a free weekend...). BUUUUUT this weekend I impromptu-ly attended a Korean wedding of some not-so-distant relative.

The groom is my dad's 매형's 고모's dead daughter's living son. Or something like that. I was told we were going to the Incheon beach area for the day. So I was wearing my Rainbows, white shorts, and a navy polo shirt. Haha. My family said it was okay because I'm an American. We were going to pick up my Ansan family and go to the beach but then we were all reminded/invited to the wedding last minute and so we went.

It was interesting. Well, it was short and to the point. Very Korean. Although I was APPALLED at how much people were talking during the "ceremony". Maybe it was just the Jindo people who were bussed up (two full charter buses!!!) and the Chinese folks on the other side (bride is a Chinese gyopo), but it was like, we weren't even at a wedding. We were just sitting around at a bar catching up with old friends and other people we hadn't seen in a long time. Then they cut the cake and the MC (wft?) made the bride and groom do a bunch of shenanigans. Also, the random wedding helper people that worked at the hotel, were so... well, random. They held up swords for the bride and groom to walk under, shot ribbons out of trombones at them, and helped their mothers light candles, and some other stuff. 

I would think that half the point of my wedding would be the bridal party!!! I can't imagine a wedding sans bridal party! AND after the ceremony everyone goes down to eat and then leaves. It's more about the food than about the bride and groom. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BRIDE!!! American weddings are SO about the bride!!! Geez, what a let down. Now I understand why when people at our church get married they try to find a way to trap their guests (i.e. have the reception on a boat). Because Koreans eat and run. That's what they do.

I'm going to have to rethink how many Koreans (old school ones) are going to be invited to my wedding. I promised my parents their friends could come ... but now I'm a bit worried, maybe I'll send a wedding etiquette brochure with my invites. 

A. Do not talk during the ceremony
B. Do not bring babies, children, or other guests whose names are NOT on the invites
C. Do not take pictures of yourself and/with people around you during my ceremony
D. Do not pilfer food from other people's tables
E. I'm sure there were more

On the whole, it was an interesting experience. I'm glad it happened. Now I'll know what to expect and have to figure out ways to curtail such behavior at my wedding (and if it means NO Koreans, so be it).

Luckily (or not?), I won't have to worry about this stuff for a loooooong time I think. Marriage is not looming in my near future.


J.Lim said...

im definitely pilfering food from your table at your wedding ^. ^ PUHAHAHA

Amber said...

Talking through the ceremony?! Though I'm not that shocked... Any events I've attended this year in which the audience/guests are supposed to be quiet, they haven't been. I love your wedding etiquette brochure points!