Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Kids Allowed. Adult Content. Ferrealz. Seriously. Seriously???

I always (try to) credit my image sources.

Somehow my Internet filter at work has it that this blog, right here, www.christineispink.blogspot.com, hosts ADULT CONTENT.  This is not a joke.

Taken with my iPhone4.

Anyways, I've found that I get a lot of blogging/drafting done during my commute.  But since a bunch of it is in the subway underground - I don't have access to the internet to prettify my posts with pictures (and the Blogspot app is good, clean, and easy to use, but not full of bells and whistles).

As promised (multiple times and recently pointed out to me that I had made this promise), I HAVE drafted a SLEW of posts - but need to clean them up, fill them out, and add pictures.  I've also started baking/cooking a lot more often - so look forward to some food/recipe posts.

Also, the filter doesn't block all blogspot blogs equally.  At first I thought that my work blocked ALL blogs in an effort to increase productivity (or at least to decrease slacking off).  But I've visited some friends' blogs, all hosted by blogspot.com.  So, it's clearly just MY blog that apparently contains adult content.  I have NO idea what content I have that might make it think that.  If any of you has a suggestion as to what I can alter/delete to be able to un-Adult-Content-ify my blog, PLEASE let me know - I'd LOVE to blog from work (it's what I did during the days when I posted 1x or even 2x a day!).

(The next few posts were written ahead of time and scheduled - I'm gonna try to write some at night and then schedule them during the week...).

ADDED: hmm - so I can't send pics from my phone - but I can post via email...
Tried to send pics from my phone several times from different places. (The short text post was sent from my phone.  And the canker sore post was sent via email).

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