Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You are what you eat. Or, what I eat is who I am.

So somehow in the month of absolute freedom and bliss (and ok, fine, I'll admit it, occasional boredom) that followed my two bar exams I managed to gain 10 lbs.  Probably that post bar trip to an all-inclusive (re: buffet) resort didn't help matters.  In any case I've started a weight loss slash stabilization campaign.

After complaining to a few ppl that my work schedule only allowed a 6am workout option I decided that it could be done.  So starting September 22nd,  I woke up at 6am on weekdays to workout before I got ready for work.  On the weekend I just worked out whenever I felt like it. Anyway, in the first week after adding in exercise to my daily routine I decided to institute a no meat or cheese at dinner rule.

Interestingly the most difficult part is not the no meat or cheese part.  It's redefining who I am via what I eat.  I'm not the girl who eats, "Salad only, please."  I eat bacon.  Nay.  I love bacon.  And steak and butter and pasta.  And I love love love me some cheese.  French fries with gravy and cheese please!

As long as my understanding of Tex-Mex was meat + cheese + tortilla, it was my favorite cuisine in the world.  It's harder getting used to my identity as a seafood with light lemon juice person than it is to actually eat said meal.  Isn't that interesting?  How much of my identity I credit with what I eat?  That I'm a hearty-freewheeling-red-meat-eating-bacon-grilling gal.  A real person eating real food.  I feel like this healthier person is a wimp.  "Oh, steamed veggies instead of fries, please." I feel like I'm lamer just because I don't eat meat.

Wuss that I am now (and embarrassed to be).

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