Thursday, October 20, 2011

The/An other.

 An unlikely source?

Never underestimate the power of another. Of one person you can call no matter what. No matter anything else. Having one person you can always count on who is there for you.  Maybe that's why ppl get married.  You really shouldn't take it for granted. Having a kinda guaranteed ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. But you and your other have to be better together. Support each other. Can't drag each other down. If one person feels better as a single than a whole. Then there's a problem. You need someone who won't judge you but who will just listen. Because sometimes parents have expectations. And friends are busy with their own lives. That's why having the unconditional love of another is so amazing. Not even love. Just one other who is willing to listen is so amazing. Someone who cares for you and is patient. When you find that, count yourself lucky.  And Never. Ever. take that for granted.

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